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 Wet Sam ▧ (◡‿◡✿) ~ 3.06 - Red Sky At Morning ~

Happy National Siblings Day! Remember, you may fight, but you’ll always be family! [x]


SAM WINCHESTER MEME★ favorite quotes [1/4]
You used to read to me, um, when I was little, I— I mean, really little, from that— from that old, uh… Classics Illustrated comic book. You remember that?
Knights of the Round Table. Had all of King Arthur’s knights, and they were all on the quest for the Holy Grail. And I remember looking at this picture of Sir Galahad, and, and, and he was kneeling, and— and light streaming over his face, and— I remember… thinking, uh, I could never go on a quest like that. Because I’m not clean. I mean, I w— I was just a little kid. You think… maybe I knew? I mean, deep down, that— I had… demon blood in me, and about the evil of it, and that I’m— wasn’t pure? It doesn’t matter anymore. Because these trials… they’re purifying me.


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